You Need To Try This Incredible New Randomized Fortnite Deathmatch Map

There’s a pretty sick new Fortnite Creative 2.0 map that’s gotten a lot of traction this week, and for good reason–the Lucky Block Arena free-for-all map by Rafa To Ja is a refreshing remix of an old Creative formula.

Fortnite’s Creative 2.0, powered by the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, is still so new that creators are continuing to figure out what exactly they can do with it. For now, that means most Fortnite Creative maps made with UEFN are mostly the same kinds of things creators were making before, but with new bells and whistles that weren’t possible previously. In other words, Creative 2.0 is more evolution than revolution so far. The Lucky Block Arena is a high-quality example of that kind of thing.

You and the other players will spawn on your own floating platforms above an arena, a format that Fortnite creators love to use for all sorts of different games. Usually these involve building, but the Lucky Block Arena does not.

Where this map innovates is how it turns a standard Creative deathmatch formula on its head. There are many deathmatch maps in which you’ll start with some blue-quality guns and beat other players to earn coins to buy better guns from a large selection of vending machines–like The Pit, for example. But the Lucky Block Arena doesn’t let you choose what guns to use.

Instead, you’ll spend your coins from defeated enemies to open boxes that give you random guns. You can choose what quality you want–higher qualities require more coins–and you can also open boxes that have gadgets and other items. And on top of that, once you jump into the free-for-all arena, you’ll find various power-up boxes, like damage multipliers. And there are certainly other surprises to be found–like the occasional appearance of a low-gravity area.

This may not sound incredibly impressive, but that’s because this map is largely a below-the-surface, quality-of-life evolution: These boxes are custom assets that do things that cannot be done with the old Creative tools. They aren’t doing anything particularly shocking or astounding, but Rafa To Ja basically had to invent them (or they borrowed the idea from whoever did).

Beyond that, the Lucky Block Arena is simply a well-designed free-for-all map that’s fun to play on. So, unlike many of the new Creative 2.0 maps, this one is actually practical and fun and could become a long-term community favorite–rather than being an amusing tech demo, like most of the other Creative 2.0 maps we’ve seen so far.

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