Wolverine Game Set In The Same Universe As Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac Confirms

Since Insomanic revealed its Wolverine game two years ago, fans have wondered if it’s set in the same universe as the studio’s Spider-Man games. In an interview with Kinda Funny, Spider-Man 2 director Bryan Intihar confirmed the answer is yes

When host Greg Miller asked if it had been previously confirmed or denied whether or not their spin on Wolverine shared the same Earth as its Spider-Men, Intihar replied by saying, “They’re all 1048. I think I got that right, but yeah.” Inthiar is referring to Earth-1048, which is the designation for the Marvel universe Insonmiac’s superhero games occupy.

You can watch the clip beginning at the 1:10:44 mark (thanks IGN). 

Whether or not that means we’ll see any Spider-Man references in Wolverine, which does not have a release window, remains to be seen, but that’s exciting news regardless. Marvel’s Spider-Man’s New York City is chock full of references to other heroes, such as Avengers Tower, the Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Wakandan Embassy, so it made more sense to imagine Logan doing his thing somewhere out there.

Beyond this update, we know little about Wolverine other than that it will be a mature-rated title exclusive to the PlayStation 5. As we wait to learn more details, you can read this opinion piece on why I’d like to see the two game series share the same universe. 

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