Wakerunners Is A High-Speed Competitive Romp From The Company Behind Dave The Diver

Wakerunners is the next game from developer Mintrocket, which made a name for itself last year with the excellent Dave the Diver. Mintrocket did confirm to us that Wakerunners is being developed by a different internal team (apparently it has a number of projects from distinct teams going at once), but the pedigree is still worth calling out.

As for the game itself, you can check out the game’s teaser trailer below.

Technically, the game was soft-revealed in 2022 as Project TB and is a 4v4 and 5vr top-down competitive action game. The game follows a collection of factions trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic earth. The combat leans on a fast-paced system where players glide across the arena using acceleration and deceleration to their advantage as they engage in close-quarters combat. You will apparently be able to swap characters mid-battle, which will obviously affect strategies.


A demo will be available for the game during the next Steam Next Fest, which will include five different modes and seven playable characters. Right now the game is currently only confirmed for PC.

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