The First DLC For Dredge, The Pale Reach, Surfaces This November

Dredge was a delightful indie surprise when it launched earlier this year, but if it left you wanting more spooky ship survival, you’re in luck. The Pale Reach is Dredge’s first DLC, and it launches in just over a month. For more on The Pale Reach, check out the reveal trailer below.

Set in icy waters, the DLC will include “1-3 hours of content” and is accessible at any point during a playthrough of the game. In addition to a new side story, the expansion will add 11 more fish and crab species to the world of Dredge, allow you to craft a ship add-on to break through small icebergs in the water, and add ice blocks to extend the shelf-life of some of your catches. The trailer also features new monsters, like a massive icy crab and a four-legged narwhal-like creature. The Pale Reach will be available to purchase on November 16, and Dredge is available on all major platforms. 

For more Dredge, check out this episode of the GI show. Then, read about how the game’s publisher, Team17, announced a wave of layoffs this week along with the departure of its CEO Michael Pattison.

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