The Acolyte Episode 3: Major Star Wars Easter Eggs And Story Connections

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The third episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte was certainly a doozy. After the two-episode premiere a week ago, The Acolyte returns with a flashback episode–here, we learn about the circumstances that led to Osha training with the Jedi and Mae coming under the tutelage of a Sith. And, uh, it was quite illuminating.

Warning: This article will be absolutely full of spoilers for Episode 3 of The Acolyte on Disney+.

This episode takes us back many years to when Mae and Osha were children on the planet Brendok, being raised by an unknown group of Force witches away from the reach of the Jedi and the Republic. Or so they thought.

Mae and Osha, just children, are on the cusp of the coven’s traditional coming-of-age ritual that will establish the girls as witches themselve. But all is not well–Osha isn’t sure she wants to embrace this future without exploring some other possibilities, while Mae is excited to fulfill her predestined role and is very annoyed that Osha won’t just go with it.

When the ceremony arrives, Mae enthusiastically accepts her place as a witch, but the ceremony is interrupted during Osha’s turn–a group of Jedi have popped in, and they’ve got their eyes on the twins. They have no beef with the witches, they say, but they aren’t keen on allowing children to be trained in the Force unregulated, even though these folks aren’t a part of the Republic. They want to test Mae and Osha’s aptitude with the Force, and take them away if they pass.

Mae and Osha are instructed to fail the test on purpose, but Master Sol tricks her by saying her wrong answer was actually correct. Osha protests, accidentally revealing she gave the wrong answer on purpose. This only makes things even more abrasive between the twins.

And then their world explodes. Suddenly, the coven is on fire, the whole town falling apart around them. While the circumstances that caused the fire aren’t shown, Mae takes credit for it, blaming it on Osha’s choice to go with the Jedi–the truth about the fire will likely be revealed later on. And then Mae falls, leading Osha to think she’s dead for the next couple decades. Osha goes to Coruscant with Master Sol to train to be a Jedi, and Mae ends up with a Sith whose true identity she still doesn’t know.

And while we still have many questions, that certainly made for an entertaining hour of TV, and it’s got some interesting little Easter eggs and story teases for what may come next. Let’s dig in.

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