Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

It’s spring cleaning time so I’m sharing some of my favorite toxin free spring cleaning tips! Anyone else get the urge to clean all the things top to bottom this time of year? Today I will share some of my best tips and hacks for a truly “clean” home (and the household cleaning kit I use, too!)

Many years ago I made the conscious decision to remove as many toxins from our home as possible. I’ve never looked back! I have an auto-immune disease (Hashimoto’s) so I have personally experienced the impact of toxic products and ingredients first hand. There is nothing more important than our health!

In fact I wrote a book called Dwelling (and a Dwelling Well Journal) about the many connections between the home we create and our own well-being!

When I discovered that one of the triggers of this auto-immune disease is toxic household (and personal care) products I knew we needed to make even more changes. I strive for a “clean enough” house but my perspective on what “CLEAN” actually is has definitely changed over the years. It’s not clean at all if it exposes us to toxic ingredients!

For many years now I have used Thieves products for all our cleaning needs! I love how simple it is and that it works so well for everything that I don’t need to fill my cabinets with other cleaning products. It is a concentrate so it is very affordable–you just add it with water to a spray bottle so it comes to less than $1!

Before I share my cleaning tips, this is the toxin free home cleaning kit I recommend. It includes Thieves Household Cleaner and many other amazing household products — it’s over $100 off the retail value! I use every product in it.

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Plus there are gifts with purchase right now where you can get a bottle of Thieves cleaner and lemon oil for FREE!

Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

We have become very diligent over the years in keeping our kitchen clean. And by clean, I truly mean CLEAN! In our new kitchen we have marble and soapstone counters and we still use our Thieves products to keep them clean!

Speaking of our new counters, I have a couple of really good cleaning hacks I’ll share with you that have been SO helpful in caring for our natural stone!

Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

A few simple ways to use Thieves Household Cleaner:

  • Clean your countertops and sinks: Fill a spray bottle with 1-2 capfuls of Thieves cleaner and 16 oz water. You can even add baking soda to make a paste! (find some recipes below in this post!).
  • Clean wood and tile floors: Combine 2 capfuls of Thieves household cleaner with 1 gallon warm water. Apply evenly to floors with a damp (not wet) mop. To be safe, test a small out of the way area first.
  • Clean fabrics and rugs. I use Thieves to clean our fabrics, leather and rugs. Again, do a patch test first to make sure.

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Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

Soapstone Cleaning Hack:

We discovered that Thieves Scrub not only is wonderful for scrubbing sinks, toilets and tubs, but it also the best product for cleaning any oil stains on our soapstone!

Our soapstone is “un-oiled” so we could retain the natural blue green hue our soapstone has (which doesn’t always show in photos, but it does in real life!).

When oil from products or hands gets on soapstone it turns it darker. This happens around the sink or anywhere people touch the stone or anything might leave a ring. To keep it looking natural or to remove any unwanted stains all we do is add a little Thieves scrub to lift it out! Easy peasy. Soapstone is really wonderful in a kitchen and with Thieves Scrub it’s a breeze to keep it naturally beautiful!

Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

Scented Household Cleaners

I used to be a sucker for yummy smelling fragrances and cleaning products with words on labels that sounded refreshing like “spring” and “renewal” and “air.” Now I never risk using toxic fragrances. Instead I just customize my own scents with trusted essential oils (I use these essential oils HERE). Thieves smells amazing on its own but I’ll share some ways you can customize the scent for any season or to make it your own signature scent below.

Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!
Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

This is the dish soap I use! We add water to the bottle (optional but a great way to stretch it since it’s so concentrated!) so it really lasts a long time. But it’s not just for dishes! We use it for our marble, too! This dish soap also comes in the Happy Healthy Home Kit.

Marble Cleaning Hack

Here is my favorite marble cleaning hack. I know some people fear marble because it can be sensitive. Understandable, but others (like me!) love it because it’s REAL and SO SO beautiful! Nothing compares. We have sealed honed Carrara marble. Ours doesn’t usually get stained because we use cutting boards, saucers and keep messy or acidic ingredients and plates on mats. However, every now and then something will spill and leave a stain or a ring. Not to worry, our Thieves dish soap and baking soda have removed those stains from our marble with ease! We just make a little paste and cover it with some plastic wrap and leave it over night.

Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

Laundry, Cleaning and Stain Recipes

Thieves laundry detergent is the best I’ve found. My whole family has sensitive skin so we are very careful with anything that goes on our skin and how we wash our clothes. Thieves laundry detergent gets our clothes so clean …. truly clean and makes our skin happy, too!

We dilute this too (again, optional, but it’s super concentrated!). It works so well. Our clothes have never been cleaner or smelled fresher.

We stopped using dryer sheets decades ago, those are so toxic, but we discovered that dryer balls can be used instead! There is no need to add toxic products to our home when there are so many alternatives that work well without harming the people or pets in it!

You’ll see some of our other favorite DIY cleaning recipes below.

Happy Healthy Home Kit is the best way to start with all of these fresh with toxin-free products! It’s $100 off retail price. Grabbing this kit will also get you a 24% discount on all YL products and essential oils! Plus, during the month of April new members can use my referral link and add discount code SHAREYL to get an additional 20% off your entire first order!

Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!
Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

If you have any questions about cleaning or the products we use, I’m happy to answer or help you determine the best products and scents for you! Just leave me a comment below or message me on social media and I can help.

Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

Grab a Spring Cleaning Kit!

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The kit comes with all the cleaning products I use including Thieves Household Cleaner, an amber spray bottle, Thieves Scrub, Dish Detergent, Laundry Detergent and two essential oils! This kit is $100 off retail so definitely a deal.

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You’ll also get access to all of our recipes and household tips offered to our Dwell Well Collective community. Email us at [email protected] when you order to get access.

Happy spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Tips, Hacks and DIY Recipes!

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