See Joaquin Phoenix As Napoleon In First Trailer For Ridley Scott Movie

Reteaming for the first time since Gladiator, actor Joaquin Phoenix portrays the French emperor for filmmaker Ridley Scott in Napoleon. And the official trailer showcases a grandiose scale that evokes memories of the pair’s previous movie.

Napoleon declares that he’s “destined for greatness” in the first trailer that teases his rise from the ranks of military leader to emperor. He also meets his love interest Josephine, played by Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1 and The Crown actress Vanessa Kirby. Originally, The Last Duel’s Jodie Comer was attached to Napoleon but had to drop out because of COVID and scheduling reasons.

The trailer also highlights a handful of enormous battles that take place across land and sea. Near the end, Napoleon is seen springing a trap on his enemies in the winter, shooting cannonballs to break the ice to sink his foes. He also narrates over this action, saying: “I am the first to admit when I make a mistake. I simply never do.”

The official synopsis for Napoleon adds that the movie “captures Bonaparte’s relentless journey to power through the prism of his addictive, volatile relationship with his one true love, Josephine, showcasing his visionary military and political tactics against some of the most dynamic practical battle sequences ever filmed.”

Napoleon will premiere in theaters November 22. Apple Studios and Columbia Pictures are behind the project, with the former reaching a deal with Scott in 2021.

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