Motive Studio’s Single-Player Iron Man Game Being Developed In Unreal Engine 5

In September of last year, Electronic Arts’ Motive Studio revealed it was working on a single-player Iron Man game as the first part of a new EA/Marvel collaboration. Motive general manager Patrick Klaus has shared new details about the game in a studio update released today, including that the Iron Man game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. 

Motive released its Dead Space remake earlier this year, and Klaus says with that behind them, the studio’s focus “has switched to the Iron Man project, giving us the opportunity to work (and play!) with another extraordinary property.” He says the team is still in early pre-production and taking its time to set the best possible foundation for development, but despite that, it is finding “so many opportunities to explore story, design, and gameplay with Iron Man.” 

Motive Studio

Motive Studio general manager Patrick Klaus

Like it did with its Dead Space remake, Motive has created a Community Council of Marvel and Iron Man fans to help the game’s development by offering feedback on “pretty much everything.” It’s here in the studio update Klaus reveals the team has selected Unreal Engine 5 as the game’s engine, “in order to empower the dev team to work their magic and create something really special.” 

Recent Unreal Engine 5 games include Lords of the Fallen, EA’s Immortals of Aveum, and of course, Epic’s own Fortnite. 

Elsewhere in the studio update, Klaus says team members have started coming back in-person to the Motive studio in Montreal, Canada, before explaining that right now is a “period of evolution.” Specifically, he says “evolution that leads to elevation.” 

“Our studio continues to raise the bar on how we practice our values, including our steadfast commitment to learning and team spirit,” he writes. “We are so grateful to do what we do, in a field we all love, and for the trust given to us by EA, by our amazing collaborators at Marvel Games and of course, by our players. We are ultra-focused and motivated.” 

For more, read about Motive’s original Iron Man game reveal and then read about why you shouldn’t expect Marvel games to become connected like the MCU. 

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