Journey Developer’s Latest Game Is Helping Clean Up The Oceans

Since 2020, Thatgamecompany’s collaborative exploration game Sky: Children of the Light has celebrated Days of Nature, an annual nature-themed event to benefit an environmental charity. This year’s event has just started, benefiting The Ocean Cleanup with a focus on the issue of fishing waste.

Days of Nature, which will run this year between April 20 and May 7, encourages players to experience a story quest that this year will involve helping a light creature who has been impacted by ocean waste. Previous events have also included in-game quests that have encouraged players to help clean up their environment, or to help creatures in need of aid.

The event also offers multiple new items players can buy to contribute to the charity, including a seashell that plays ocean sounds, and a pair of sunglasses that will be wearable in game. Players will also be able to buy items from previous Days of Nature that they missed out on.

The first Days of Nature in 2020 benefitted One Tree Planted, but since 2021 has focused on cleaning up oceans and waterways in partnership with The Ocean Cleanup. Players have helped raise a total of $1,333,201 for the charity so far, with previous campaigns focusing on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and cleaning up waste in rivers.

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