If Halo 3’s Box Art Slapped On A T-Shirt Sounds Appealing, Have We Got Some Good News For You

Microsoft has announced a new “Heritage Collection” for its Xbox Gear Shop, and this one is focused on the Xbox 360 and Halo 3 specifically. There are five items for sale in the new collection, but one shines brighter than the rest: the Halo 3 t-shirt.

It’s a t-shirt with Halo 3’s Xbox 360 box art printed on it. It might be beautiful or ugly, depending on your taste. The box art for the Bungie game is memorable and iconic, and if you’ve ever dreamed of having an officially licensed t-shirt version that’s just the art slapped on a shirt, your time has finally come. Take a look:

Would you buy the Halo 3 box art t-shirt?


The collection also includes a pullover hoodie with the Xbox 360 logo, an Xbox Live t-shirt, and another pullover hoodie with the Xbox 360 icon on it. This icon is depicted with green lights around it, and not the infamous flashing red ring of death lights that cost Microsoft billions of dollars. (Microsoft, did, however, sell an official red ring of death poster). The collection also includes a black hoodie with the Halo 3 logo on it.

The Heritage Collection also includes a range of previously released items themed around the original Xbox, including a t-shirt and sweatpants. Head to the Xbox Gear Shop to see more.

Despite the red ring of death situation, Xbox 360 era was regarded by fans as a high point for Xbox, thanks in part to iconic games like Halo 3. The console sold more than 84 million units.

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