How to Turn Your Home into A Sanctuary

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When I began The Inspired Room in 2007, my “tagline” was Refining Your Home for Authentic Living. While I don’t use that tagline now, it certainly remains true to my philosophy of home. While we certainly have embarked on some bigger renovations over the years, I actually find the most joy in the smaller refinements that can be made to one’s surroundings. I believe it’s the refining process that can make any house your home.

REFINE: improve (something) by making small changes, in particular make (an idea, theory, or method) more subtle and accurate.

When we understand how to refine our surroundings and know how to make the appropriate adjustments, the impact on the room will be significant in all of the ways that truly matter.

How to Turn Your Home into A Sanctuary

Designing a picture perfect space is not the same process as creating a sanctuary. A sanctuary is a place of refuge where you feel at peace.

Even if you create a picture perfect scene in your home, a photo cannot tell the whole story of how you actually feel in your surroundings. You are the one who can write that personal story and feel the impact of it every day.

To create a true sense of sanctuary, you must learn how to refine the details that will make a difference to you and the people who live there. Those details could in time make it picture perfect (when it’s all clean and the lighting is just right!) but more importantly each refinement will begin to make your home a reflection of you and transform how you feel when you’re there.

How to Turn Your Home into A Sanctuary

When you learn how to refine a room in this way, you can go through this design process with what you have and can gather over time. You will know exactly what decisions need to be made each season in order to bring all of your senses into harmony! These refinements are what will finally invite you to exhale and experience a sense of peace in your surroundings.

Would you like to learn how to do this in your own home?

I’m thrilled to invite you to my brand new workshop in HomeBody Gathering Place called Room Recipe where I will teach you the exact ingredients every room needs to feel like a sanctuary!

In this custom workshop, my daughters and I will teach you how to use these ingredients and apply my tried and true design formula to each room in your home.

How to Turn Your Home into A Sanctuary

With our Room Recipe design principles, you will be able to turn any room into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

This summer I’m offering this brand new workshop free to members of the HomeBody Gathering Place community. We want to walk with you step by step! We make the adventure to a sanctuary attainable and personal through membership in the HomeBody Gathering Place.

For less than the cost of one design regret (which we can help you avoid!) HGP members get access to all of our custom resources designed for people like YOU, printables that you can use for home planning, art and inspiration, as well as our community support.

Everything we offer in HomeBody Gathering Place is to inspire you and give you support as you’re creating a sanctuary!

However, we are only opening our community for two more days, so I hope you’ll hop in today and join us!

How it works:

  • We go through one relevant topic and activity at a time together, so you can learn and can make progress real time! The weekly and seasonal format and commitment is simple and doable. You can go at your own pace in any season, so you’re never behind!
  • Every mini-course or workshop we offer is designed to be adapted and personalized to you and your home. You do not need to have a certain design style, our principles can be (and should be!) applied to what speaks to you.

No matter what type of home you live in, or what season of life you’re in, if you want to create a sanctuary, you belong in HomeBody Gathering Place!

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