How Long Is Hellblade 2? Chapter List And Playthrough Times

Hellblade 2 has arrived on PC and Xbox Series X|S, including Xbox Game Pass. Players’ latest journey with Senua will take them far and wide across a landscape of turmoil among warring factions and mythological beasts. But how long will her adventure take to see it through to the end. Here’s how long Hellblade 2 is.

How long to beat Hellblade 2

Though its visual fidelity takes a big leap forward with arguably the best motion-capture work in video game history, the total time commitment to Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is about the same as the first game. That means you’ll be able to complete it in roughly 5-8 hours on a normal playthrough. The game is very linear with only a few diversions that may take you off your path, including two types of lore-heavy collectibles. If you decide to go for all of those, expect to come in at the high end of that estimate, but it’s likely you won’t exceed it.

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The only other thing that may extend your time with the game is a feature that unlocks once you complete the game for the first time. If you consider this a spoiler, just skip this next part.

Still here? Okay then. Once you beat Hellblade 2, you’ll unlock alternate narrators, meaning the story can be experienced with other characters narrating it. The game still plays out in the same way otherwise, but you’ll gain new perspectives from other characters in the story, which is a worthwhile touch in my experience.

Hellblade 2 chapter list

There are six total chapters in Hellblade 2. You can see the whole list below in order.

  1. Reykjanestá
  2. Freyslaug
  3. Rauðhólar
  4. Huldufólk
  5. Bárðarvík
  6. Borgarvirki

Hellblade 2 is out now on Xbox and PC. A PlayStation release has not yet been announced, but it seems possible given Xbox’s recent shift in strategy.

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