Honkai Star Rail Bailu – Build, Skills, And Team Comps

Bailu is a spectacular healer in Honkai Star Rail who’s flexible enough to fit on any team, even with a build that isn’t fully optimized. Her skills and ultimate are a constant source of healing, and she can even keep enemies from knocking allies down thanks to a special talent. As a dedicated healer, though, you shouldn’t expect much offensive utility from her.

Bailu abilities

Bailu’s abilities revolve around healing, as you’d expect from an Abundance character, but her passive talent also lets her play a small support role by reducing incoming damage.

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Basic attack

Bailu deals lightning damage to one enemy based on 50 percent of her attack. The scaling is very low, so only use this against enemies with a lightning weakness or replenish skill points. Bailu won’t be bringing down many foes on her own.

Skill–Singing Among Clouds

Bailu heals one ally for 78 HP plus 7.8 percent of her maximum HP. Bailu also heals two more times, with allies chosen at random. The amount of HP restored from these extra healings reduces by 15 percent each time, so the second extra heal will restore 30 percent less than the original heal.

Ultimate–Felicitous Thunderleap

Heals the party for 90 HP plus nine percent of Bailu’s max HP and applies the Invigorate effect on all allies. This skill and the Invigorate state’s effects are the most important parts of Bailu’s setup, so make energy regeneration a priority for your relic stats.

Talent–Gourdful of Elixir

Invigorated allies recover 36 HP plus an amount equal to 3.6 percent of Bailu’s max HP when they receive damage. This effect can activate twice.

If an Invigorated ally receives a killing blow, Bailu will prevent them from dying and restore 120 HP plus an amount equal to 12 percent of her own HP. This effect can only activate once per battle, though.

Bonus ability–Aquatic Benediction

Invigorated characters take 10 percent less damage.

Technique–Saunter in the Rain

If you use this before battle, all allies will start the fight with the Invigorated state.

Best Light Cone for Bailu

Bailu’s Light Cone should amplify her healing power, either outright by buffing the user’s healing or indirectly, through raising her HP. Nearly every Abundance Light Cone offers some combination of those buffs, though a few go above and beyond with some handy extra benefits as well.

Time Waits for No One is Bailu’s signature Light Cone and suits all of her abilities. It increases the wearer’s max HP and outgoing healing by 12 percent each at the base level and has a special feature that lets Bailu deal some extra lightning damage. Time Waits for No One records how much HP Bailu heals, and when a healed ally attacks a foe, the Light Cone deals damage equal to at least 50 percent of the healing amount to an enemy. At higher levels, that amount increases to 100 percent.

Bailu might seem bratty, but she’s an invaluable member for any team.

It’s also a 5-star Light Cone, which means your chances of acquiring it are fairly low unless it features in a special banner. Best on the list of Bailu’s 4-star options is Post-Op Conversation, Natasha’s signature Light Cone. This one raises the wearer’s energy regeneration and boosts the healing power of their ultimate.

You may want to try Warmth Shortens Cold Nights as well. It provides an HP buff that’s even greater than Time Waits for No One–16 percent, instead of 12–and heals all allies for a small amount when the wearer uses their skill or basic attack.

Cornucopia is the best 3-star Light Cone for Bailu. It raises the amount of healing from the user’s skill and ultimate by 12 percent–simple, but effective.

Best Relics for Bailu

Bailu’s best Relic set as of the launch version is the only one designed for healers: Passerby of Wandering Cloud.

  • Two-piece effect: Raises outgoing healing by 10 percent
  • Four-piece effect: Recovers one skill point at the start of battle

You’ve got a couple of choices for her ornaments, though. Sprightly Vonwacq is the popular pick in the community. It raises the user’s HP and, after their speed reaches 145, their position in the turn order increases by 50 percent after entering battle. It’s a good set if you often find yourself starting a fight with lower HP, though with so many ways to recover health outside of battle, that second effect isn’t the most practical.

Another choice is Fleet of the Ageless. It raises the user’s HP by 12 percent, and after their speed reaches 120 or higher, the entire party gets an eight percent attack buff.

Bailu’s Relic stats

Here’s what to focus on if you want to optimize Bailu’s relics.


Main Stat






HP or outgoing healing

HP or outgoing healing






HP, elemental damage

Link Rope


Energy regeneration

Best teams for Bailu

Bailu works on any team, except maybe one where you have a strong defender such as Gepard, where healing isn’t quite as necessary. Her skills provide a substantial amount of health restoration and let you run aggressive teams with strong DPS characters like Seele and Sushang without having to worry about keeping them safe. Here’s a few sample team ideas to help see what that might look like.

Bailu, Seele, Bronya, Pela

  • Pela helps reduce enemy defense, while Bronya lets Seele attack almost endlessly

Bailu, Sushang, Serval, Himeko

  • Bailu is the sole support, tasked with keeping everyone alive while they deal heavy damage to single targets and enemy mobs. May also swap one of the DPS characters for Tingyun to keep energy topped up

Bailu, Gepard, Seele, Sampo

  • Gepard shields the party while Bailu keeps them healthy. This is a party of impenetrable defense

Bailu, Trailblazer, Serval or Asta, Dan Heng

  • This is a free-to-play party that covers a variety of enemy weaknesses and has good single-target and AoE coverage

If you need some extra Stellar Jade to get a new Light Cone or party member for Bailu, check out our list of active Honkai Star Rail codes for some freebies.

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