Get Another Dose Of Roguelike Deckbuilder Acolyte Of The Altar In New Launch Trailer

Acolyte of the Altar, the roguelike deckbuilder with a wasteland twist from developer Black Kite Games, hits PC via Steam on March 25. Ahead of the game’s launch next week, Game Informer can exclusively reveal the Acolyte of the Altar launch trailer, which features plenty of deckbuilder action and another taste of this Magic: The Gathering and Shadow of the Colossus-inspired game. 

“Journey through desolate wastelands and hunt down colossal Beasts to grow stronger and serve your chosen Patron deity,” the game’s description reads. 

Check out the Acolyte of the Altar launch trailer for yourself below

As you can see, Acolyte of the Altar continues to look great (and spooky), and we’re excited to try our hands at its unique style of deckbuilder. 

“Beware,” the game’s Steam page reads. “Beasts grow stronger during battle, allowing them to consume your creatures or counter your spells. Carve profane Gifts from these behemoths and grow stronger to serve your Patron. But serve them to what end?”

That is the question players will answer when Acolyte of the Altar hits PC via Steam on March 25, 2024. If you’re interested, you can play a demo of the game on Steam right now. 

Here are some Acolyte of the Altar screenshots to enjoy in the meantime


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