Get 34 Horror Comics Including Night Of The Living Dead For $13

Fanatical’s new Halloween Horror Comics Bundle includes up to 34 horror-themed digital comics that make perfect spooky season reading material. GameSpot readers can save 10% on their bundle with promo code GAMESPOT10.

The bundle starts at just $1 for five comics including the first issues of Fright Night, American Monsters Vol. 1, Eternal Thirst of Dracula Book 1, Hatchet Halloween, and Beware the Witch’s Shadow.

Pay at least $7 to get all of the previous comics, plus the first issue of the Night of the Living Dead comic adaptation, Wiley’s Wonderland number one, and additional issues of American Monsters Vol. 1, Hatchet Halloween Tales, Beware the Witch’s Shadow, and Eternal Thirst of Dracula.

Halloween Horror Comics Bundle

If you pay $13, you get the full 34-issue bundle, which adds even more issues from all the previously listed series, plus the first issue of Two Gun Terror and all the digital comics from the lower tiers. Check the lists below for a full breakdown of all the digital comics included.

Though the $13 option offers the best value, each tier is a steal since each issue in the bundle would cost $4 apiece outside of the bundle. All comics purchased in the Fanatical Halloween Horror Comics bundle come in PDF format. While you’re picking up this comics bundle, you should also check out Fanatical’s Scream Sale as well as other Fanatical bundles, which include multiple horror-themed offerings.

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Fanatical Halloween Horror Comics Bundle

Pay at least $1

  • Fright Night 1
  • American Monsters Vol. 1, issue 1
  • Eternal Thirst of Dracula Book 1, issue 1
  • Hatchet Halloween Tales
  • Beware the Witch’s Shadow 1

Pay at least $7 (includes all $1 tier comics)

  • Night of the Living Dead: 1
  • Wiley’s Wonderland 1
  • American Monsters Vol. 1: 2
  • American Monsters Vol. 1: 3
  • Hatchet Halloween Tales II
  • Hatchet Halloween Tales III
  • Beware the Witch’s Shadow 2
  • Eternal Thirst of Dracula Book 1: 2
  • Eternal Thirst of Dracula Book 2: 1
  • Eternal Thirst of Dracula Book 2: 2

Pay at least $13 (includes all comics from previous tiers)

  • Two Gun Terror 1
  • Fright Night 2
  • Hatchet Halloween Tales IV
  • Beware the Witch’s Shadow 3
  • Beware the Witch’s Shadow 4
  • Eternal Thirst of Dracula Vol. 3: 1
  • Eternal Thirst of Dracula Vol. 3: 2
  • Night of the Living Dead: 2
  • Night of the Living Dead: 3
  • Night of the Living Dead: 4
  • Wiley’s Wonderland 2
  • Wiley’s Wonderland 3
  • Wiley’s Wonderland 4
  • American Monsters Vol. 2: 1
  • American Monsters Vol. 2: 2
  • American Monsters Vol. 2: 3
  • American Monsters Vol. 3: 1
  • American Monsters Vol. 3: 2
  • American Monsters Vol. 3: 3

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