Funko Fusion Teaser Features Properties Like The Thing, Child’s Play 2, Jurassic World, And More

Funko Fusion, the mash-up co-op action game featuring a bizarre assortment of disparate properties, is the first game from 10:10 Studios. The studio was founded by TT Games veterans like Arthur Parsons, who worked as lead designer on about a dozen of TT Games’ Lego games.

The game features Funko characters and worlds from Jurassic World, Back to the Future, The Umbrella Academy, The Thing, Child’s Play 2, Masters of the Universe, and other NBCUniversal properties.

Many of the properties featured in the trailer above are R-rated, and characters lose limbs and heads, use flame throwers, and get eaten by monsters. It never veers into full, non-cartoon violence, but compared to the Lego games the team worked on in the past, Funko Fusion seems like it is going for a more mature audience.


Funko Fusion is coming to consoles and PC next year.

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