Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – How To Get The Kujata Summon

Most summons in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth have a particular elemental type. However, there’s one that makes use of three: fire, ice, and lightning. Here’s our guide on how to get the Kujata summon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How to get the Kujata summon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The Kujata summon materia can be yours once you reach Chapter 9: The Planet Stirs. Upon arriving at the village of Gongaga, you run into Chadley, who’s got the Kujata encounter as an option among his VR combat selections. Before you jump straight to the fight, we suggest analyzing the Kujata summoning crystals first to weaken this beast, as well as unlock its abilities once you acquire the materia later.

Kujata summon crystal locations

The three Kujata summon crystals are found all over the Gongaga region. However, you should progress the main quest further, as doing so unlocks the Green Chocobo variety. These Chocobos are able to jump high up into the air by using mushrooms, and they can also skate along tree branches. You can learn more in our Chocobo unlocks guide.

In any case, here are the locations of the summon crystals:

  • Crystal #1 – The first crystal is located some distance away from the shallows separating the Corel and Gongaga regions. Follow the winding river to the north, and climb the rope to reach the top of a plateau.
  • Crystal #2 – The second Kujata summon crystal is in the central portion of the Gongaga region. There should be a giant mushroom near a Chocobo Stop. Ride the Green Chocobo to leap high up, allowing you to reach the opposite cliffside area.
  • Crystal #3 – The third and final Kujata crystal can be found in the southwestern part of the region. There, you’ll see the Gongaga Ruins. Follow the winding corridors until you reach the southwest, where you’ll notice steps that lead further up. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a cliffside section overlooking the ruins. The sanctuary is just beyond.


Left: The first and second Kujata crystals; Right: The third Kujata crystal.

Crystal Memory Matrix button sequences

Here are the button sequences for the three crystals:

  • Crystal #1 – Circle-Circle-wait-Square-Square-wait-X-X.
  • Crystal #2: Circle-wait-X-Circle-Circle-wait-Square-Circle.
  • Crystal #3: Triangle-Square-X-wait-Triangle-Square-X.


From left to right: The button sequences for the first, second, and third crystals.

Kujata boss fight

By weakening this entity, you should be one step closer to obtaining the Kujata summon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Just return to Gongaga Village and talk to Chadley to start the encounter.

Kujata is unique in that it uses tri-elemental abilities of fire, ice, and lightning. As the battle progresses, it will alternate among these three elements, using different kinds of related attacks. The goal, therefore, is to counter using skills and spells that the element is weak against (i.e. use Blizzard if it switches to the fire-type entity). This will help you pressure and, eventually, stagger it.

Be forewarned, however, that Kujata will cast its ultimate ability–Tri-Disaster–once it’s able to attune to all three elements. As such, this becomes a race against time before your party suffers tremendous damage. Should you survive, continue punishing it with your attacks until it’s defeated.

Kujata’s Tri-Disaster ability can annihilate your party.

Kujata abilities when summoned

Upon acquiring the Kujata summon materia, you should be able to equip it and use it in battle. Here’s what you need to know about its quirks:

  • Summoning Cost: 1 ATB once the summon meter is fully charged.
  • Ability #1: Raging Bull – Charge at an enemy with reckless abandon; costs 1 ATB.
  • Ability #2: Blazing Horn – Launch a concentrated burst of fiery energy; costs 2 ATB.
  • Ability #3: Chilling Horn – Launch a concentrated burst of icy energy; costs 2 ATB.
  • Ability #4: Crackling Horn – Fire a bolt of lightning at an enemy; costs 2 ATB.
  • Ultimate: Tri-Disaster – Deal massive fire, ice, and lightning damage.
Kujata blasts Elena with the Crackling Horn.
Kujata blasts Elena with the Crackling Horn.

As you can see, the Kujata summon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is quite versatile, since it lets you make use of three different elements. Take note of the weaknesses of your foes, and select the ability helps you eliminate them faster. In any case, you can learn more about these powerful entities in our all summon materia guide.

A grand adventure awaits you in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. We’ve got all the tips and strategies for you in our FF7 Rebirth guides hub.

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