Disney Dreamlight Valley Dev Gameloft Making Dungeons & Dragons Survival Sim Game

Gameloft, the studio behind Disney Dreamlight Valley, has revealed it is partnering with Wizards of the Coast to create a new Dungeons & Dragons game. It’s being developed for both consoles and PC and Gameloft describes it as an “innovative hybrid of survival, life simulation, and action RPG.”

Disney Dreamlight Valley is popular in the life sim genre, mixing fun gameplay, unique customization, and Disney together into a package that players seem to really enjoy. It launched into Early Access back in 2022 before the full release debuted in December. All of this is to say: if you’re a fan of Disney Dreamlight Valley and Dungeons & Dragons, there’s a new game to keep an eye on. 

Currently untitled, Gameloft says in its announcement on Instagram that the game is set in the mythical Forgotten Realms, which is also the D&D setting Baldur’s Gate 3 takes place in. The game, which will mix survival, life simulation, and action RPG elements into one, will feature “unique cooperative gameplay,” the studio says. 

“Players can expect an adventure where the rich lore of this legendary franchise meets real-time strategy in a unique campaign of resilience, camaraderie, and danger at nearly every turn,” the announcement reads.” 

There’s no name for the project and no release window either. Gameloft is currently hiring for the project. 

News of this D&D game arrives roughly a year after Wizards of the Coast, which owns the D&D IP and is a division within Hasbro, reportedly canceled five unannounced games. The last D&D game released was Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance back in 2021 – read Game Informer’s review of it here. 

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