Creating a Toxin Free Home: Two Simple Ways to Begin

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If you have followed me for the past eight or nine years, you know I’m passionate about a toxin free home. While I clearly love decorating and making a house a cozier place to be, there is nothing more important than our health and creating a healthy home for our family. Nothing.

With my autoimmune condition, Hashimoto’s, I have learned so much about how everyday products can severely impact our health. This is why we are very selective about our cleaning and personal care products. We are the gatekeepers of our homes and I say it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to what we bring in.

When we know better, we can do better. I have never been more confident in the benefits of a toxin-free home. I’ve not only learned so much about why it’s important, but I’ve experienced health benefits. Ditching toxins over the years has made a significant improvement to the overall health of my entire family!

There are two important changes I made and recommend thinking about when you’re getting started on this journey of ridding toxins from your home. One is to start paying attention to the household products you use (such as cleaning products, scented sprays, candles, etc) and the other is to be diligent in understanding ingredients in personal care products you buy. Pure essential oils can be used in so many recipes and home remedies for every day home situations and personal needs. Sleep, stress, relaxation, immune support, digestion and more — pure essential oils have been used effectively for thousands of years for these very things!

Creating a Toxin Free Home: Two Simple Ways to Begin
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Young Living is my favorite and most trusted place to buy all my toxin free cleaning products, essential oils, and other toxin free household and personal care essentials.

They just released two new starter bundles that it make it SO easy to make the switch to living with less toxins in your home! I’ve ordered these exact products for years so I am thrilled to see them bundled into two starter kits! When you order from YL, there are no fees, you don’t have to have a membership and no autoship is required so it’s really easy to order just what you want. These kits really are the ideal place to start.

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Creating a Toxin Free Home: Two Simple Ways to Begin

The new Happy Healthy Home cleaning bundle comes with everything you need to clean your entire home! I recommend all of these products and use them myself! Dish soap, laundry soap, kitchen and bath scrub, two cleansing essential oils, a bottle of all purpose cleaning concentrate, and a pretty glass bottle to mix up your cleaner!

We love the Thieves all purpose household cleaning concentrate. It’s the only bottle of cleaner I own! it’s extremely economical (one bottle of concentrate makes 29 bottles of cleaner and it cleans every single surface in the home, all for less than $1 per bottle). Of all the toxin-free cleaners I’ve tried over the years, it’s the only one I trust, plus It’s by far the most effective. It’s all we need to keep our home clean.

Learn 10 thrifty ways I use Thieves cleaner here.

Creating a Toxin Free Home: Two Simple Ways to Begin

The new Make a Shift Essential Solutions bundle is perfect for getting started with all of the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils! Years ago I got rid of toxic fragranced cleaning products, ditched all air fresheners, stopped regularly burning all of those seasonal and scented candles, switched out household and personal care items and began using essential oils for all of the things I diffuse them, add them to skincare and cleaning products, make my own room sprays and perfumes, and roll them on my body for their health properties, and so much more.

This kit gives you four of my most often used oils and roll ons so you can easily and affordably get started with the very best oils out there!

Creating a Toxin Free Home: Two Simple Ways to Begin

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