Classified US Military Documents Leaked On Minecraft Discord Server And No One Noticed For Weeks

Classified US Military documents remained leaked on a Minecraft Discord server for a month before someone noticed them.

According to a report by CNN, the leaked documents were posted on the Discord server early last month and contained information on Russian casualties and weapon systems available to Ukraine. “This sh*t was sitting in a Minecraft Discord server for a month, and no one noticed,” Aric Toler, a researcher at Bellingcat, said.

The documents began to pick up some traction after a user posted parts of the documents to 4chan. On April 7, some of the Discord members began to worry that they’d be in trouble for reposting the documents. The user who posted the documents on March 1 deleted their Twitter and Discord accounts shortly after.

According to CNN, US officials believe that the documents have been changed to make the Ukraine casualty higher than it is.

Thomas Rid, an expert on state-backed information, said it’s unlikely that a foreign country such as Russia isn’t behind this because “The fact that unedited and edited–doctored–versions of some files are available online makes me skeptical.”

Although who was responsible for the leak is still unknown, the information from the documents could have serious ramifications, as they provide Russia with Ukrainian military strategies.

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