Alan Moore Books And Graphic Novels Are On Sale At Amazon

Alan Moore is best known for his award-winning graphic novels like The Watchmen and V For Vendetta, but he has also written great prose novels, and they are on sale at huge discounts at Amazon.

Jerusalem by Alan Moore

The biggest discount is for his epic three-volume novel, Jerusalem. The full novel is over 1,200 pages long and tells a story that spans several centuries, and melds stories of Moore’s childhood home in Northampton, England, with occultism, mythology, and theoretical physics. The paperback collection normally sells for $35, but you can grab it at Amazon for just $10 (with $4 shipping). Alternatively, you can buy it directly from Amazon for $18 with free Prime shipping–just make sure to choose Amazon in the “Other Sellers at Amazon” box.

Some of Moore’s other prose books are also available at Amazon, including the short story collection Illuminations: Stories and the novel Voice of the Fire.

Alan Moore Graphic Novel Deals

Batman: The Killing Joke, V For Vendetta, and Watchmen
Batman: The Killing Joke, V For Vendetta, and Watchmen

We would be remiss not to highlight the many deals on Moore’s graphic novels as well. Notable sales include the giant Watchmen Collector’s edition for $60 (was $125) and this V For Vendetta bundle that includes a collectible V mask and the paperback edition of the comic for $26 (was $35). You can also find deals on From Hell, Batman: The Killing Joke, and other Alan Moore graphic novels listed below.

If you already own multiple editions of Watchmen, you’ll soon have the chance to add another to your shelf. As part of DC’s Compact Comics series, Watchmen will be turned into a small paperback volume on June 4. You can preorder it for only $10, and this budget-friendly edition will likely fit in your back pocket.

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