A big reveal…plus a peek at how I’m styling my glass kitchen cabinets!

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Did you hear the news?

No, my kitchen isn’t quite finished so I don’t have that reveal ready just yet (although it is starting to feel so cozy because I’ve been styling my glass cabinets!) … but believe me — this reveal is even better than a kitchen, so much more exciting!

Y’all … this February I’m going to be a …. grandma!

My empty nest won’t feel so empty any more! My daughter Courtney is having a baby! 

You can watch the adorable announcement video on Instagram here.

Scroll down for a few pics and other exciting announcements.

Above is the nursery in the townhouse Courtney and her husband just moved into– I love that little window seat!

A big reveal...plus a peek at how I'm styling my glass kitchen cabinets!
Sources: Gold Easel Plate Stands // Blue Etched Floral Glass Goblets // Blue and White Shallow Bowls // White Cake Stand

It’s been a long six months of projects in our kitchen and with the flooring and paint and the Tiny Cottage, but now I’m sooo glad we got all of our big projects out of the way before the pitter patter of tiny feet. 

I feel like I’ve been in a slump most of the summer waiting for the contractors to be done and out of my house, but I am hopeful they will finish the final punch list soon (that’s what they call the last remaining items to be done).

I’m always a bit out of sorts when the house is unsettled (and the past few days we had to move most everything for painters, so that really threw me off!).

However, we continue to make progress in whatever ways we can. One of my favorite things so far has been styling my glass cabinets and shelves! I’ll have to do a whole post on this, but here’s a little sneak peek for you! I have always loved collecting dishes but really haven’t had a good place to display them in a long time. Designing cabinets to display seasonal or pretty things we love, and plenty of drawers for hiding things we don’t 🙂 was a priority for me in our new kitchen. As you can imagine, I will have fun with these glass cabinets in every season. Personal collections make our home feel like home for sure!

A big reveal...plus a peek at how I'm styling my glass kitchen cabinets!

And no matter what gets done on our projects this week, next week I plan to be happy as a clam puttering around my new kitchen (the reveal photos will be coming soon, I promise) and of course, I’ll be fall nesting! Who is ready to talk about all things cozy? 🙂 I was *this close* to turning on the fireplace today, friends.

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A big reveal...plus a peek at how I'm styling my glass kitchen cabinets!
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A big reveal...plus a peek at how I'm styling my glass kitchen cabinets!

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