28 Years Later Adds Jodie Comer, Ralph Fiennes, And Aaron Taylor-Johnson To Cast – Report

Danny Boyle and Alex Garland’s upcoming zombie movie 28 Years Later has made significant progress this year. In addition to finding a home with Sony, the film has reportedly found its lead actors.

According to a Deadline report, the upcoming zombie movie will have Jodie Comer, Ralph Fiennes, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in prominent roles. All of these actors have starred in various high-profile movies. For example, Taylor-Johnson recently starred in The Fall Guys, while Comer appeared in 2023’s Napoleon and Fiennes in 2022’s The Menu.

The Deadline report explains that Boyle is set to direct the first film written by Garland, while Nia DaCosta, the director of 2021’s Candyman, will handle the film’s sequel. As of now, the plan is to shoot both movies back-to-back. Other than that, not much is known about the movie’s overall plot.

In addition to working closely on the first film, Boyle and Garland will produce 28 Years Later with Bernie Bellew alongside the movie’s original producers, Andrew Macdonald and Peter Rice. Cillian Murphy will also return to the franchise as an executive producer, though it’s unclear if he’ll star in it, too.

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